Online Bingo [UK]

bingoAre you a big fan of playing bingo? Or are you new and would you like to know exactly how Bingo works? Take a look here and read all about the Online Bingo game, the best online bingo casinos, free bingo, and the latest news. Have fun!

Bingo is a game that becomes more and more popular every day on the Internet. Of course, you can look for a bingo room by going to a local club or camping somewhere in the country, but you can also play it easier and better online.

Nowadays, bingo is also part of the online casino games. The big advantage of online bingo is that the prices can sometimes be much higher because there are a lot more people participating than with regular bingo.

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How to play bingo?

Bingo is very easy to play. You buy one bingo card or multiple bingo cards. This can be done digitally in an online casino, or you can play in the real world in a bingo hall. The real-life bingo usually goes to the club cash or charity. In an online casino, however, the money goes to the owner of the casino.

Then some numbers are drawn. In the online casino variant, these numbers are automatically stripped off from your bingo card. In real life, people play along by marking the numbers with a marker or stamp, so you don’t have to remember which numbers have been drawn. The drawing works the same as the lotto. But with the lotto, you only have a few numbers. A bingo card usually has 16, 25 or 36 boxes.

When you see a line, cross, square or another pre-determined line on your card that appears from the numbers in the boxes drawn, it’s BINGO! When you’re the first one in the room, or when certain numbers are drawn, you can receive your prize.

Playing bingo in an online casino

Bingo is known as a community game.  Is online bingo as well? Yes and no. Generally, playing bingo in online casinos is a one-person game. That’s because most of the bingo games in the online casino work with an RNG and are played with only one player. You choose a bingo card or multiple bingo cards, and in some cases, you determine the value of each card. The amount of money you pay for a card also determines the prizes you can win. In addition to the online bingo, you can also play slots with and without free spins, as well as all the well-known table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker.


Bingo Rules

Online bingo comes in all kinds of variations. The standard variant is similar to the type of bingo that used to be organised in sports canteens and other small venues. The cards of the game contain a total of 25 spaces with 24 numbers. The space in the middle remains empty by default. The numbers run from 1 to number 75. The layout of the card is 5 x 5 and above each vertical row of 5 spaces is a letter of the word ‘BINGO’.

The first column, where the letter B is above, contains 5 digits that fall between 1 and 15. The second column, below the letter I, has digits that fall between 16 and 30. The third column, where the N is above, shows 5 digits from the sequence of numbers from 31 to 45. The column where the N is above, the fourth column from the left, contains numbers from the series 46 to 60. The last column, where of course the O can be found above, has 5 digits that fall between 61 and 75.

When you play bingo in the standard variant in an online casino, there are generally three rounds played with the same set of cards. Each round stops when the first player has bingo. He has then been able to clear all the required spaces. A pattern is indicated in advance. In most cases, a single row must be completed before the first round. It can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. For the second round an extra row will be added. The aim of the third round is usually to remove the entire card. This round generally takes a bit longer than the first two rounds.

How much does it cost?

With online bingo, you decide whether you play for a modest or large stake, you can buy as many cards as you like. For example, you can buy bingo cards online for 1 cent per card, but also for 20 pounds per card. So if you want 10 cards, you can be ready for a dime, but it can also cost you 200 pounds. Of course, the prizes you can win are in proportion to the stakes. With a 20 pounds card you can win around 80 or 100 pounds, while your win with a 1 cent card will of course be much lower. In the end, playing online bingo is financially for everyone.

Buying bingo cards online

You buy the bingo cards with money from your player account. There are online variations where you can play with real money. Of course, there are also plenty of options where you can play bingo with free fake money. You can choose how many cards you buy for online bingo, but there is always a maximum. This is important because your winnings should, of course, exceed the purchase price of all those bingo cards. You may be very quick to buy cards yourself, but that’s not the case with everyone. That’s why the time has been set in which everyone can buy tickets for online bingo. When this time is up, then the game starts. Sometimes you can choose your cards, for example with your lucky numbers, and sometimes you get the cards automatically.

Bingo Jackpot

The prices of online bingo differ a lot. Several factors determine it. For example, the number of participating players and the cost per card. Also, there is often a bingo jackpot. We think this is a nice extra feature. You win the prize if you have a full bingo card. Unfortunately, this turns out to be more complicated than we thought, and that is why a bingo jackpot can’t fall for a long time. But as the famous soccer player once said: ‘Every disadvantage has its advantage’. Because the jackpot doesn’t fall, the price quickly rises. We have regularly come across prizes of a thousand pounds. There are even jackpot amounts of tens of thousands of pounds!

Online Bingo History

The history of bingo goes back a long way. Already around 1800 it was played by crossing black bean numbers on homemade cards. Bingo has actually never left society. It is played on every campsite and in every care home, but since the rise of the internet it has been growing steadily. In 2000 the first online bingo variants appeared and there will certainly be more to come.

Bingo and Keno

It is often said that online bingo is the same as playing keno. That’s not true. There’s a big difference. With online bingo you play together with several bingo players. This can be 5, but also 50. No other players are involved in keno. You only play against the software.

In most cases, bingo allows you to chat with other players. For example, you can congratulate the winner of the round. At keno, there are no other players at all so that a chat function wouldn’t make much sense.